Every Museum has Words…

Every museum has words.  In text panels, in labels, in handouts, in multimedia presentations…  Recently museum workers came together for the 2012 CQ Museums Network Day to learn all about words in their museums.

Sponsored by Rockhampton Regional Council, the guest presenter, Jennifer Blunden took the participants on a journey through crafting stories in museum displays.  Jennifer shared her experiences working at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney and developing texts for exhibitions and cultural sites.

After learning how to craft words, participants discovered how those words can look in their museums with a presentation given by local designer, Drew Wickerson of Wickerson 3D Designs.  Having designed a number of exhibitions in Central Queensland, Drew spoke of how words can be creatively displayed in exhibitions and on interpretive signage.

The Network Day was rounded up with CQ MDO Bronwyn Roper looking at the big issues facing the little object label.  As well as looking at content and layout, the group participated in a practical activity where each person was asked to vote on what size font they could read on a wall label and on a floor label.

So here it is… the CQ Museum workers have voted, a scrutineer (thanks Lydia!) duly counted every vote twice (and not just because she counted wrong the first time…) and it has been decided.

The heading for both floor and wall labels is 34pt Arial and the body text for both is 30pt Arial.

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