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Tambo township turns 150!

Cheero Property records

Cheero Property records

Tambo township turns 150 this year and to celebrate the community is co-curating an exhibition of significant objects at the Grassland Art Gallery. This is the first time local history has been displayed at the gallery.

Plans for the exhibition are well underway with community members sharing some of their prize possessions and stories shedding light on remarkable events, notable people and what it is like living in the oldest town in the west. And here’s a sneak peek at just two of the items on display! Read the rest of this entry

Greenmount Homestead has Significance Trifecta

greenmount homestead


House, grounds and collection…when it comes to Significance, Greenmount Homestead has it all.  How many other places are there in Australia that can lay claim to this?

I’m currently doing some work at the heritage-listed Greenmount Homestead at Walkerston near Mackay.  This is an incredibly significant site not only because of its architecture, grounds and pleasant outlook, but because it houses a collection pertaining to three generations of the same family who resided there.

I’ve visited a number of historic homes before but many have been Read the rest of this entry

Top TWO Tips for Recording Oral History Interviews

I’ve been delivering oral history workshops for a number of years around Central Queensland.  The workshop takes about half a day and participants learn the ins and outs of the interview process plus what to do before and after.  But at the end of the training there are two key messages I want participants to walk away with. Read the rest of this entry

Mackay Museums are Winners!

The 1911 Sugar Strike display, 2011

Congratulations to the five community museums in the Mackay region who received the 2012 Gallery & Museum Achievement Award in the category ‘Organisations: Volunteer Run’ for their joint exhibition Sugar Strike: The Impact of the 1911 Sugar Strike on the Mackay Region.

 In 2011 five museums in the Mackay region joined together to tell the story of the 1911 sugar strike including local events which had state and national ramifications. Read the rest of this entry

Every Museum has Words…

Every museum has words.  In text panels, in labels, in handouts, in multimedia presentations…  Recently museum workers came together for the 2012 CQ Museums Network Day to learn all about words in their museums. Read the rest of this entry

Innovative Idea for Tiny Space

Image courtesy Capricorn Coast Historical Society

Volunteers at Capricorn Coast Historical Society had a blank canvas to work with when they returned to their former home after more than a year of no access.  The Society had to move its entire collection while the new Yeppoon Town Hall was being built next door.  Not content to just move everything back in the way it was, these forward-thinking volunteers looked at how to use the limited space more effectively.  With the help of a National Library of Australia Community Heritage Grant the group Read the rest of this entry

Mt Morgan Murri

Check out our latest case study on Bronwyn’s work with the Mt Morgan Museum volunteers to produce Mt Morgan Murri: Indigenous stories of the Mt Morgan region.

Bronwyn’s Diary: Tambo Teddies beyond the Black Stump

Tambo Heritage Precinct

Recently I visited Blackall and Tambo to help the Blackall-Tambo Regional Council and the Tambo Heritage Group identify future directions for two key heritage collections. First stop was RamPark in Blackall.  This is a Read the rest of this entry

Luscious Locks a thing of the past

To all my museum colleagues,

Why has this little girl lost her luscious locks?


Underwood Noiseless Typewriter

In keeping with the typewriter theme, I found this gem in a private collection near Tambo.  It looked like any other typewriter until I saw the brand name.  The UNDERWOOD NOISELESS…I think not!  But then again, it appears to be silent now.