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Clothes Tell Stories: An online costume workbook

Do you have a question about clothing and costumes in your collection? Should they be hung, rolled or laid flat? How should they be displayed in exhibitions? And how can we best use them to tell stories and explore the myriad of different cultural and social expressions that they represent?  If you’ve ever asked any of these questions about clothing and costumes, then the new “Clothes Tell Stories Online Costume Workbook” is a perfect resource for you and your collection.

Costume Workbook1

The workbook was launched recently at the International Council of Museum’s Triennial General Conference in Rio de Janeiro, August 11-18 by the ICOM Costume Committee (which operates a separate web page with useful resources). By celebrating the genre of clothing and costume within the museum sector, the workbook has made information about costume and clothing care, display and interpretation more accessible. In it you will find advice from international organisations and specialists about storage and conservation, collection policies and procedures, mannequins and reconstructions, and interpretative techniques.

Innovative Idea for Tiny Space

Image courtesy Capricorn Coast Historical Society

Volunteers at Capricorn Coast Historical Society had a blank canvas to work with when they returned to their former home after more than a year of no access.  The Society had to move its entire collection while the new Yeppoon Town Hall was being built next door.  Not content to just move everything back in the way it was, these forward-thinking volunteers looked at how to use the limited space more effectively.  With the help of a National Library of Australia Community Heritage Grant the group Read the rest of this entry