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Bronwyn’s Diary: Tambo Teddies beyond the Black Stump

Tambo Heritage Precinct

Recently I visited Blackall and Tambo to help the Blackall-Tambo Regional Council and the Tambo Heritage Group identify future directions for two key heritage collections. First stop was RamPark in Blackall.  This is a Read the rest of this entry

Bronwyn’s Diary

After reading Ewen’s diary post about attending the ABC Open Now & Then workshop I decided to have a go at it while on a work trip to Blackall.  The idea is to take an old image and photograph it in its original position.  Because I was on the road I couldn’t print any of the photos so tried it with my mobile instead.  Using the internet feature I looked up photos of Blackall on Picture Queensland and found this great one where four men were testing the soil quality for planting trees outside the Barcoo Hotel in 1941.  Looking at the trees in the new photo the soil must have passed the test!

 It was fun trying to find the location and challenging lining up the old photo while trying to take a new photo.  I’m yet to master having both in focus. 

 What a fantastic way to re-interpret our historical collections! 

 Make sure to check out ABC Open.