Fryer finale…

After months of research and preparation, the exhibition on the Fryer brothers and the medical history of the war opened at the Springsure Hospital Museum on April 24th. Two of my previous posts, The Legacy of War and Dear Mother… dealt with the experiences of four of the Fryer brothers of Springsure during the First World War and the impact this had on their lives, and that of their family, following the war.

While researching the exhibition I had found, despite the terrible tragedies which had befallen the family during and after the war, the Fryer brothers were still survived by children, grand children, great grandchildren, nieces and nephews. The family have contributed to the research and followed the journey of discovery, and to have so many attend the exhibition opening to remember the lives of these young men made the event thoroughly unforgettable. Family had travelled from as far afield as Darwin and Tasmania to be at the event, and the opening was attended by around 80 family members and invited guests.

Another special guest at the opening was the Manager of the Fryer Library, Simon Farley.  Simon and his team have been extraordinarily generous in allowing me access to the Fryer material and providing images for the exhibition.  As the custodian of so much of significance to the family and researchers, Simon’s presence was greatly appreciated by everyone.  The Fryer Library have honoured their namesake with their own online exhibition JD Fryer: Student and Soldier  Also attending the opening were local veterans from WWII and Afghanistan, which gave the content of the exhibition added relevance.

The heritage listed 1868 Springsure Hospital Museum provided a beautifully intimate setting, given added weight by the Fryer family’s connection to the building. The exhibition was funded by the Central Highlands Regional Council Regional Arts Development Fund. Cr Kerry Hayes, Central Highlands Regional Council Mayor opened the event and other Council representatives attended, with many having worked behind the scenes to help make the day a success.



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  1. Hats of to Dr Mel, the Fryer family thoroughly enjoyed the opening of the exhibition at the Springsure Hospital Museum it was an wonderful afternoon / night. Congratulations to you Mel on a great success!

    • Dr Melanie Piddocke

      Thanks Matt! And thank you for all the hard work you put in to help make the day a success, and of course the wonderful hospitality from you and your family.

  2. Simon Farley

    A wonderful exhibition. Thankyou Melanie for your sensitive and detailed research. It was an honour to be able to attend. Best Wishes Simon

    • Dr Melanie Piddocke

      Thanks again Simon for making the effort to attend, it really did mean a lot to everyone to have you there.

  3. Margaret and Stewart

    It was a privilege to attend such a memorable and moving event. Congratulations to all involved. Lest We Forget.

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