In Times of War: FNQ remembers WWI

Exhibition Poster for Cairns Historical Society's new WWI exhibitionCairns Historical Society’s photographs manager, Pauline O’Keeffe, has been working on a WWI exhibition called “In Times of War: FNQ Remembers WWI”. The goal of exhibition is to present stories about Far North Queensland, and the impact war had on the local community, rather than focus on battles in the international arena.

“In Times of War’ is based around the Cairns Historical Society’s significant photographic collection. It will showcase more than 150 images of enlisting men, enlistment posters, war based events like enlistment march, Kanowna expedition, Red Cross, community involvement and the region at that time together with explanatory documentation.

The exhibition opens on Friday April 4 in Tank 4 at the Tank Arts Centre in Cairns and runs until April 27. The opening will include a performance by the Tropical Brass Band and a theatrical presentation by local artist Sue Hayes based on the enlistment process. The theatrical presentation will be rerun on  Thursday 10 April when the Society will also run a lecture night and present papers on FNQ related WW1 topics.

Pauline, a long term volunteer with the Society, has undertaken significant research to put this project together. Her findings, which include a gap in collections and knowledge about the impact of the war in regional communities, means she believes the Anzac centenary period offers communities a chance to build upon this research and leave a legacy of new knowledge for future generations.

For more information about the project, please contact the Cairns Historical Society on:

This project is supported by funding from the Australian Government under the Anzac Centenary Local Grants Program and by the Regional Arts Development Fund through Arts Queensland and Cairns Regional Council partnering to support local arts and culture.

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