Greenmount Homestead has Significance Trifecta

greenmount homestead


House, grounds and collection…when it comes to Significance, Greenmount Homestead has it all.  How many other places are there in Australia that can lay claim to this?

I’m currently doing some work at the heritage-listed Greenmount Homestead at Walkerston near Mackay.  This is an incredibly significant site not only because of its architecture, grounds and pleasant outlook, but because it houses a collection pertaining to three generations of the same family who resided there.

I’ve visited a number of historic homes before but many have been populated with furniture and ephemera that fit the time period and don’t necessarily have a direct relationship to any former occupants.

Do you know of any similar historic houses to Greenmount Homestead?  One where the significance of the building, grounds and collection are all intrinsically linked?  

Next time you’re in the Mackay area, make sure to check out this amazing Homestead.  You can find out more information here.

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